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Rolvenden Primary School

Rolvenden Primary School WebsiteRolvenden is a small rural primary school situated 3 miles from Tenterden.  We have a lively, positive, family of pupils, parents and staff who enjoy the small, intimate feel of our small school. We are only small but we do everything we can to make a difference by thinking big.

Our CREATE values of Creativity, Resilience, Engagement, Aspirations, Teamwork and Enjoyment encapsulate everything we do from Art projects and sports events to Stage shows and good old fashioned learning. We are very proud of our CREATE values and each week a child from each class is nominated for encapsulation of the value of the week – they then get a token to buy a book and a hot chocolate from the book vending machine.

We foster high levels of behaviour and respect and this ensures that learning is not disrupted, thereby giving all children the best opportunities to engage in their lessons.

There are close relationships with the community.  Amongst these links are: Each week the local church visit to provide exposure to Bible stories and to provide those who believe to pray.  A number of our children have contrasting beliefs and we celebrate special days whenever we can through stories, visitors, food and lesson time.  Our Head Boy and Girl join in the Remembrance Day parade, representing the school and laying the wreath at the war memorial.

Everything we do at Rolvenden is for the benefit of the children and their families.  We encourage high levels of communication between the different parties and work to the ethos of child, parents, school being a partnership to give the child the best chance in life.

We also have fun: regular school trips, Y5 residential, Y6 residential, netball league and matches, football matches and tournaments, cross country teams, sports matches staff v parents, rugby sevens trip, extreme Wimbledon and many more.

Rolvenden does everything it can to live up to the motto: