Our Communities

Our schools are dynamic places where students and staff feel welcome and are inspired to be the best they can be, but they don’t exist in a bubble.

A key feature of the members of our school family is the strong and special relationship they each hold with their local communities, including parents and carers, not just as educators but in many other ways.

As a Trust, we aim to help broaden and deepen those relationships by collaborating with community groups, local bodies and local businesses on a wide variety of projects which benefit both students and residents – be that through charity volunteering and fundraising; participating in collaborative projects and intergenerational initiatives or by creating work experience opportunities in local businesses for our older students to help prepare them for the world of work.

Lots of our students come from second, third and even fourth generation families who have attended our schools and many of our staff are also former students.  Our Alumni Network is therefore an important touch-point in the community too.

You can read more about these aspects and our most recent community initiatives in the following sections.